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Quebec Investment Consultation and Management Services LLC displays its services through the domain name along with this website (hereupon cited as QICMS, “this website”, “us”, “we” or “Invest-Visa”), owned and operated by:

Quebec Investment Consultation and Management Services LLC
Ibrahim Al-Qattan St. Building # 21, 1st floor
P.O. box 811 Amman 11831 Jordan

By using this website to obtain information or to communicate with QICMS, you are primarily agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies listed below, as amended from time to time.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, tax, investment or any other type of professional advice.

Notice and Disclaimer

QICMS does not function as attorneys or legal counsel and does not attempt to interpret immigration law and does not provide or offer legal, investment and tax advice or legal, investment and tax services.

QICMS is a business consultation firm providing certain services and initiations to prospective applicants. QICMS is not authorized to provide investment advice nor does it take any responsibility for any investment or consequential profit or loss or expense that may arise directly or indirectly from such investment, whether or not it is used for immigration purposes, or in compliance with immigration requirements.

Any reliance on information contained herein is taken at your own risk.

QICMS hereby disclaims any responsibility for any actions taken as a result of any information displayed in this website. QICMS has not audited, verified or otherwise confirmed the information contained herein; makes no representations, expresses or implies the accuracy or completeness of given information, and as a result, shall not be liable to any person(s) or legal entity(ies) directly or indirectly whatsoever for false, misleading or inaccurate information contained in this website . 

Please be aware that neither the website nor the use of information from the website creates an attorney-client relationship.

We are NOT affiliated with any Government.


This website is copyrighted ©2016 by Quebec Investment Consultation and Management Services LLC and all rights are reserved hereby. All programs, publications, services, processes, designs, designers, softwares, technologies, logos, trademarks, fictitious names, inventions and materials comprising the QICMS website are owned by QICMS and/or third parties. The information and the associated databases herein were developed through research and have been compiled and organized by QICMS and may not be extracted in any combination, however limited, for the purpose of creating or adding to any other database. No part of this information service may be captured and reproduced in any form or by any means for the purpose of distributing information to other parties prior to a written permission by QICMS.

Copyright violators will be prosecuted and could be liable for statutory damages.

Changes and Other Terms

QICMS and its associates and affiliates retain the right to make changes and other terms and updates to any information contained in this site at any time and without prior notice and without liability whatsoever and interested parties must at all times keep current with the content of this site.

The content of this site are presented by QICMS as informative use only. Visitors of this website thereby agree and are bound by its terms and conditions.

QICMS will not be held responsible to visitors of this website or to any third party for any inaccuracy in the content, and guarantees no success of a client’s application led by information included on this website. 

Filling out our Assessment subjects the applicant to an introductory evaluation of his/her case by one of the members of our Invest-Visa team.

Filling out our Assessment does not certify that the applicant will be eligible for a residence and citizenship by investment file under our services.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers all activities of the company’s features and services, unless stated otherwise.
Our address is:

Quebec Investment Consultation and Management Services LLC
​Ibrahim Al-Qattan St. Building #21, 1st floor
P.O. box 811 Amman 11831 Jordan

This privacy policy regards the company’s collection of data from clients and its form of pursuance. Users of our website thereby agree to the current terms and conditions, as well as future, where modifications are made.  

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Payment Policy


Refund Policy

QICMS will not disclose refunds at any point as of joint agreement to proceed with the client’s application.
In the event that a client’s application is refused, QICMS will not issue the applicant a refund of fees under any circumstance where the application has already been processed. 

If the client wishes to opt for a different investment program/option to that he/she previously applied for, a new application must be submitted and the appropriate fees must be paid respectively.

The client must understand and comply that the total application processing fee will be enclosed with the company’s consultation fee, none of which will be refundable.

QICMS takes no responsibility where delays may occur via third party services, for instance Courier Company services, etc., and applicants are unable to appeal for a refund from such charges.

QICMS takes no responsibility in refunding fees or charges paid to governmental bodies/authorities on the terms that the client’s application has not been accepted during any part of his/her application by any authority. Thus, the applicant accepts the respective additional fees included in application processes.

The applicant must understand and comply with the conditions that no refund will be issued where the application is not submitted, or is refused, returned, or cannot be processed in relation to Government Policy; changes in eligibility requirements; health, criminal or security issues; or if the applicant decides to terminate his/her initial application.
Credit and refund requests are accepted due to duplicate payment.

Cancellation Policy

The client may cancel their application at various steps of the process; although, the applicant must comply with the QICMS conditions should their application be cancelled.

Our team is available for advice by contacting us via telephone or email, or by visiting us personally at QICMS should a client want to cancel their application for residence and citizenship by investment.

The client must inform our team at QICMS immediately in order to withdraw his/her application.

A signed request must be submitted in order to terminate the client’s initial application together with the original agreement.

If the client wishes to withdraw after his/her application has been submitted, the client will not be issued a refund.

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I, the user of this website, acknowledge that I have reviewed all the terms and conditions of this website, and I am fully aware that QICMS offers educational and informational services as an intermediary for immigration law firms specializing in providing immigration services. I agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy.


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​Ibrahim Al-Qattan St. Building # 21, 1st floor
P.O. Box 811 Amman 11831 Jordan
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