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Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

Note : The Cyprus Government has announced the suspension of their Citizenship-by-Investment Program (CIP) effective November 1,2020.

Citizenship by Investment Cyprus
This program was established by the Council of Ministers in Cyprus on the 19th of March 2014 to attract foreign high net worth individuals who will invest their capital in Cyprus while enjoying European citizenship.

Eligibility Requirements
Program Benefits  
Investment Options
  1. Make investment in real estate or in development projects by purchasing or constructing buildings including residential or commercial projects, or other infrastructure projects;
  2. Government securities up to a maximum value of EUR 500,000;
  3. Purchase, create, or participate in businesses or companies that are based in Cyprus and employ at least five Cypriot citizens.

Application Process

The application for Cyprus Citizenship by Investment is submitted for the main applicant and the spouse to the Ministry of Interior with original supporting documentation including government fees. If the Investor meets the Criteria and Conditions required, the application is then submitted by the Ministry of Interior to the Council of Ministers for processing. Upon approval of these applications, the children's application will follow.

The application is processed within approximately 6-9 months months.

Cyprus Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my net worth include all my assets?
Your net worth includes all your assets as well as your spouse’s, i.e. cash in the bank etc, less the value of all your and your spouse’s liabilities (debts).

2. How many days or months am I supposed to reside in Cyprus to gain citizenship?
It depends on the program option selected. If you are applying for citizenship under the permanent residency program, you must live in Cyprus for a period of seven (7) years before you can be eligible to apply for citizenship, but if you applied under the citizenship by investment program, you obtain the citizenship in a fast-track way without any residency requirements.

3. Can I include my spouse and children in my Citizenship by Investment application?
Yes, both your spouse and children can be included in your application for citizenship by investment in Cyprus. However, only children who are under 18 years of age can be included in your application. In addition, it was recently announced that dependents between the ages 18-25 can now also be included in your application if they are able to provide a college/university certificate.  

For more information, please fill out our Free Assessment and find out if you qualify.;

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