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Citizenship by Investment in Dominica

Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

The Commonwealth of Dominica offers a Citizenship by Investment Program which is served by the Government Authority through the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU). The Citizenship by Investment Program for the Commonwealth of Dominica allows investors to economically contribute to the Commonwealth of Dominica and, in exchange, the applicants and their immediate family are permitted full citizenship of the country. Launched in 1993, the Citizenship by Investment Program for the Commonwealth of Dominica is legally entrenched in the Commonwealth of Dominica's Constitution and Citizenship Act.  
Eligibility Requirements

Program Benefits

Investment Options

1. Government Fund Contribution
Commonwealth of Dominica's citizenship admittance under the Government Fund Contribution is subdivided into five investment options, subject to the number of dependents included in the application, which are as follows:


2. Real Estate Investment
Commonwealth of Dominica's citizenship admittance under the Real Estate Investment option obliges the applicant to make an authorized real estate investment amounting to at least USD $200,000. Both the bulk of the real estate investment and Government Fees are paid upon approval in principle. Prior to approval in principle, the applicant only needs to make a deposit on the real estate investment. Government Fees are payable as follows:

The real estate must be held for three years as well as being eligible for re-sale under the Citizenship by Investment Program after 5 years from original purchase date.

Commonwealth of Dominica Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long will the process for Citizenship by investment take?
For the Commonwealth of Dominica, the application process will not take more than 2-3 months. However, the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) may issue an approval, denail, or enquiry prior to this timeframe. After approval, the applicants receive citizenship immediately.

2. Does the Commonwealth of Dominica's Citizenship by Investment Program require a basic knowledge of English language?
No. Applicants do not have to fulfill English language requirements, nor are they subjected to an English language examination.

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