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Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program

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Published   08:05 AM 5 May 2016
Updated    01:35 PM 9 November 2021

The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program is a fairly recent program which was launched in 2009. The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program aims to attract high net worth business individuals who want to immigrate to Europe. Despite the fact that this program is one of the newer programs, it still competes with other European business immigration programs. High net worth individuals are given permanent residency after investing the minimum amount required. Investors also have the option of applying for fast track citizenship if they increase the investment made.   

Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program requirements:

Permanent Residency
  • The investor should have a minimum net worth of €1 million.
  • Undergo medical examinations and pass security clearance.
  • Minimum investment of €511,292 made to the Bulgarian government.
  • Statutory trips for Bulgarian permanent residency.

  • The investor should have a minimum net worth of €1 million.
  • Undergo medical examinations and pass security clearance.
  • Double the minimum investment of €511,292, and be a Bulgarian permanent resident for at least one year.
Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program benefits:
  • This program does not require physical residency in Bulgaria.
  • The applicant does not have to pass any language exams.
  • The fast-track citizenship option is one of the best in Europe and allows the investor and family to receive an EU passport after two years.
  • The required investment is fully guaranteed by the government.
  • Financing option is available. Contact us to find out more.
This program is one of the best business immigration options for investors or high net worth individuals searching for European permanent residency or European citizenship. When the investor and his/her family receives permanent residency or citizenship, they are free to travel anywhere in Europe. With EU citizenship, the applicant is able to reside, study, or work anywhere in Europe. This program offers investors and their families the chance at a better future. 
To read more about the Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program, please click here.

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