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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Quebec immigration application updates for 2022

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Published   11:20 AM 21 December 2021
Updated    02:48 PM 23 December 2021


Quebec is increasing its immigration processing fees effective January 1, 2022.

These Increases in required fees for Quebec immigration in accordance with section 83.3 of the Financial Administration Act, and the adjustment rate issued by the Ministry of Finance of Quebec. For Québec, this adjustment corresponds to the annual change in the average all-items Consumer Price Index.


The following processing fees increases are effective on January 1, 2022, in Quebec:

  • The processing fee for principal applicants who are applying as skilled workers has increased from CAD $822 to CAD $844;

  • The processing fee for each family member accompanying the principal applicant has increased from CAD $176 to CAD $181;

  • The processing fees for validating a permanent job offer or assessing its effects on the Quebec labour market have increased from CAD $205 to CAD $210;

  • Processing fees for principal business immigration applicants, which includes Quebec investorsQuebec entrepreneurs and Quebec self-employed workers, have increased from CAD $15,962 to CAD $16,383 and from CAD $1,113 to CAD $1,142 respectively for the last two categories;

  • Processing fees for temporary workers and foreign student applications have increased from CAD $205 to CAD $210;

  • Comparative assessments for studies outside Quebec have increased from CAD $123 to CAD $126.

The above fees are associated to the cost of processing the application to immigrate to Quebec. When you complete an immigration application, you may be required to pay other fees related to your file, including, for example, the cost of supporting documents, translations or language tests.

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