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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Canada suspends farm management stream Self Employed Person Program

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Published   05:39 AM 13 March 2018
Updated    12:43 PM 16 December 2021

A moratorium on Farm Management Stream Self-Employed Program has been put in place as of March 10th , 2018 .

The Federal government won't accept any Farm Management Stream Self-Employed applications, Canada’s immigration authorities posted on Saturday March 10th , 2018 . However, feedback from visa officers indicates that this is a tough class to succeed in.  You must have significant experience in farming and demonstrate that you have the skills to succeed in supporting yourself and your family through farming in Canada.

Canada Immigration - Self-Employed Program

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”) website states that to qualify for the Self-Employed Program applicants must show that they:

  • intend and be able to be Self-Employed in Canada;

  • have relevant experience : Relevant experience under the Self-Employed Program means at least two years of experience during the period starting five years before a self-employed person applies for permanent residence in Canada and ending by the time the visa is issued; and

  • can contribute to Canada’s economy in one of the required areas.

You must also score at least (35) points on a selection grid designed to determine whether you will be able to make an economic contribution to Canada . There is no regulated minimum net worth requirement. However, you will have to satisfy a visa officer that you have enough money to:

  • settle in Canada with your dependants and

  • finance the work on which your selection was based.

For example, if you are a farmer, you will have to prove that you have enough money to buy and run a farm in Canada.

1) Self-Employment in the purchase and management of a farm:

In the case of farming, (IRCC) expects to see a multi-skilled individual who is capable of dealing with modern farming issues: competence in technology, deep knowledge of farming techniques, deep knowledge of markets for grain or animal products, and skills in dealing with machinery and all aspects of the modern farm.  You must also show a history of supporting yourself and your family by farming. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, as of March 10th, 2018, (IRCC) is no longer accepting new applications under the farm management stream of the Self-Employed Person Program.

2) Self-Employment in cultural activities :

The experience must be:

  1. two one-year periods being Self-Employed in cultural activities, or

  2. two one-year periods participating at a world-class level in cultural activities, or

  3. a combination of a one-year period described in (1.) above, and a one-year period described in (2.) above.

What Are Cultural Activities? 

According to the (IRCC) website, “cultural activities” include jobs generally seen as part of Canada’s artistic and cultural fields. Examples include:

  • authors and writers,

  • creative and performing artists,

  • creative designers and

  • Crafts people.

  • musicians,

  • painters,

  • sculptors and other visual artists,

  • technical support and other jobs in motion pictures,

The (IRCC) website further states that a full-list of qualifying activities can be found here.

3) Self-Employment in athletics

The experience must be:

  1. two one-year periods being Self-Employed in athletics, or

  2. two one-year periods participating at a world class level in athletics, or

  3. a combination of a one-year period described in (1.) above, and a one-year period described in (2.) above.

What Are Athletics? 

The (IRCC) website does not give examples of what “athletics” are, however, the Employment and Social Development Canada (“ESDC”) website lists the following National Occupational Classification codes as being under minor group “Athletes, Coaches, Sports officials and referees, and Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness.”

  • 5251 Athletes

  • 5252 Coaches

  • 5253 Sports officials and referees

  • 5254 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness

Other opportunities for Canadian Investment Immigration

You should know that the Self-Employed stream category is not for people who wish to attempt to be Self-Employed. Rather, the cultural activities and athletics are for well-known professionals with significant experience and an extensive record of supporting themselves in the activity. Performers and those involved in athletics must be at a world-class level .Anything less than this and your probabilities of success in the Self-Employed program are not good.

Although the farm management stream Self-Employed program is paused, you will still be able to get Permanent residency in Canada through investment. You can either apply through Québec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP),or  Federal Start-up visa , or Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) .

For more information on Provincial Nominee Programs, please click here.
For more information on Canadian immigration programs, please click here.

If you have been considering relocating to Canada with your family, make your move now, while you can take advantage of the current programs. Contact our offices today to discuss your options for immigration to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program.

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