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Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

Most provinces in Canada can nominate immigrants through their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Below is a comparison of the available business and entrepreneur streams. Applicants may choose the program most suitable to their situation.
Note that the province of Quebec does not participate in the PNP. The government of Quebec and Canada have entered into a series of agreement whereby Quebec has established its own selection criteria for all categories of economic immigrants. For more information on Quebec programs, please click here:  
Province Minimum net worth Business management experience necessary? Business plan required? Minimum investment required? Government deposit required? Exploratory visit required? Initial submission of EOI[1] or EIR[2] is required? PR[3] or WP[4] is granted? Minimum score required Additional selection criteria?
British Columbia (BCPNP)* CAD 600,000 3 years business owner and manager OR
4 years senior manager OR 1 year owner/manager
+ 2 years senior manager
Yes CAD 200,000 No Yes Yes (EIR) WP 49/200 Yes
Manitoba (MPNP-B) CAD 350,000   3 years in past 5 years as executive-level manager OR as business owner and manager Yes CAD 150,000 and control at least 1/3 equity CAD 100,000 refundable No Yes (EOI) PR 60/100 Yes
New Brunswick
Entrepreneurial Stream

CAD 600,000
with CAD$300,000 available in unencumbered liquidity
3 out of 5 years of experience in  managing and owning a business(100% ownership);
5 years out of 5 of experience in a senior business management role or more;
Yes CAD 250,000 CAD 100,000 refundable Yes, 5 days minimum Yes PR 65/100 Yes
Northwest Territories (NTNP) CAD 250,000-500,000 depending on business location Yes Yes CAD 150,000-300,000 depending on business location and at least 33.33% ownership
CAD 75,000 refundable Yes No WP N/A Yes
Nova Scotia (Entrepreneur stream) (NSNP) CAD 600,000   3 years of business ownership (min 33.33%) experience in past 10 years OR +5 years as senior manager
Yes CAD 150,000 No Yes, when purchasing a business Yes (EOI) WP 73/150 Yes
  Nova Scotia
(International Graduate Entrepreneur stream) (NSNP)
No Management & ownership for at least 1 year in Nova Scotia Evidence of performance 100% ownership of eligible business No N/A
(Applicants should be residing in Nova Scotia for at least 2 years during the academic program)
Yes (EOI) PR 52/100 Yes
(Corporate Stream)
No   International corporation must have been established at least 3 years at time of application
Yes CAD 5,000,000 No No No WP Minimum language requirement (CLB 5) Yes
Ontario (entrepreneur stream)
CAD 800,000-1,500,000 depending on business location At least 36 months in the past 60 months as senior manager OR as business owner Yes CAD 500,000-1,000,000
depending on business location and at least 33.33% ownership
No Yes, if purchasing an existing business Yes (EOI) WP 37/160 Yes
Prince Edward Island
Partial Ownership (PEI PNP)
CAD 600,000 Yes Yes CAD 150,000 and own at least 1/3 of the business OR make an investment of
CAD 1,000,000
CAD 200,000 Yes No PR 50/95 Yes
Prince Edward Island
100% Ownership (PEI PNP)
CAD 600,000 Yes Yes CAD 150,000 CAD 200,000 Yes No PR 50/95 Yes
Saskatchewan (SINP) – Entrepreneur Category CAD 500,000 3 years as business entrepreneur or manager in past 10 years Yes CAD 200,000-300,000 depending on business location No Yes Yes (EOI) WP 110/160 Yes
Yukon Business (YBNP) CAD 500,000 including 300,000 in liquid assets 3 years entrepreneur or management experience + 5 years relevant work experience
Yes CAD 300,000 and own at least 1/3 of the business No No No WP 65+ on assessment grid Yes


[1] Expression of Interest
[2] Entrepreneur Immigration Registration
[3] Permanent Residency
[4] Work Permit which leads to Permanent Residency

* The maximum number of 50 applications that can be received has been attained. However, if you have intermediate-advanced knowledge of French demonstrated by a standardized test recognized by the Ministère, your application is not subject to these rules and you can submit your application at any time until March 31, 2017.

PNP Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Provincial Nominee Programs all the same?
No, each province has a separate program and different eligibility requirements. Please read the information on our website and contact us to get more information about the programs.
2. If I provide false/wrong information on my application what will happen?
Firstly, it is our responsibility to advise you to give legitimate information and we will do our best to ensure you do not make any mistakes on your application. However, if you provide us and the Canadian government with false information, your application will be refused.  As a result, the refused applicant will not be allowed to reapply for Canadian immigration for a certain time period. 


Do my family need to meet the SINP eligibility requirement to be nominated?
No, only the principal applicant should meet the SINP criteria.


When is the government deposit refunded?
The amount of CAD $100,000 is refunded when the applicant meets the requirements within 2 years of landing in Manitoba; the deposit is required to ensure that the applicant will reside in Manitoba and start or purchase a business in the same province.

Prince Edward Island

What are the terms and conditions of an escrow agreement and when is the deposit refunded?
The conditions that fall under the 100% Ownership Stream are based on the details provided in the business plan for establishing or purchasing a business in the province of Prince Edward Island. As for the Partial Ownership Stream, the conditions are based on the details provided in the business plan for the purchase of at least 33 1/3% of the equity of a business in Prince Edward Island. 

The deposit fund of CAD $200,000 will be returned without interest, as follow:
1. An amount of CAD $25,000 will be refunded after 6 months of residency on Prince Edward Island,
2. Another amount of CAD $25,000 will be refunded after 1 year of residency on Prince Edward Island,
3. The remaining CAD $150,000 will be released upon the applicant meeting the requirements outlined in the escrow agreement.

British Columbia

What is the Entrepreneur Immigration Registration?
It is an online form that calculates the scores to determine the success of the applicant being selected, since the highest-scoring candidates are selected. The applicant should fill this form as a first step before the initial application to BCPNP under the Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

When should I begin the investment?
The applicant can start the investment after he/she receives an invitation to apply, signs the performance agreement, and obtains a valid work permit from CIC. BCPNP discourages purchasing a business before the aforementioned to avoid any risky investment.

How long should I wait to know if my EIR got selected or not?
Applicant will remain in the pool for a maximum period of 6 months. The registration is valid for six months from the date you receive your total registration score
For more information, please fill out our Free Assessment and find out if you qualify.