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A Closer Look at the Malta Residency and Visa Program (MRVP)

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Published   03:50 AM 22 February 2017
Updated    03:53 AM 22 February 2017

Malta is one of many European countries to join the ranks of Residency by Investment Programs. Through the Malta Residency and Visa Program (MRVP), foreign nationals can obtain a Maltese residence permit for primary applicants and their eligible dependents. With a Maltese residence permit, applicants and their families are able to enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Families can apply in a single application including a spouse, children under 18 years of age, unmarried dependent children under 26 years of age, as well as dependent parents and grandparents;
  • 5-year permanent residence, renewable indefinitely;
  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen region;
  • The opportunity to apply for a work permit under a separate process;
  • The possibility to receive tax benefits under the Global Residence Program.
Why choose Malta?

So what makes Malta so great? For starters, Malta is a Republic island located in the central Mediterranean (about 80 kilometers south of Italy). For those looking for a seaside destination to relocate, Malta is the perfect choice for those wishing to stay in the European Union (EU). In fact, Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004 and part of the Schengen region since 2007. Malta is also a British Commonwealth member state which includes the UK, Antigua and Barbuda, Canada, and Cyprus among many other countries.

Malta is also politically and economically stable and ranked as the 17th safest country in the world to for 2016, according to The Legatum Institute. If economic security is an important factor, Malta’s economic growth remains higher than other EU countries and supports entrepreneurial development in its business sectors. While Malta’s financial market is small, it has steadily risen as a strong global competitor in recent years.

Why choose the Malta Residency and Visa Program (MRVP)?

Not only is the MRVP among top Residency by Investment schemes in Europe, but it also qualifies as a “Golden Visa Program” where applicants can receive a fast-track Maltese residency permit in as little as three months. However, successful applicants are not obligated to reside in Malta year-round. Maltese residency permit holders have the option of residing, settling, or staying indefinitely in Malta but can move freely throughout the Schengen region.

What are investment requirements for the MRVP?

To being, Malta aims to attract only people of the highest standards through the MRVP. Applicants are required to make a combined investment to Malta, whereby they must:
  1. Make an investment of EUR 250,000 in government bonds, held for a minimum period of 5 years; AND,
  2. Make an investment in property,* whereby an applicant must:    
    a) Purchase a property for a minimum EUR 320,000 (EUR 270,000 if property located in South
         Malta or Gozo); OR,
    b) Rent a property for a minimum of EUR 12,000 per annum (EUR 10,000 per annum if located in
         South Malta or Gozo); AND,
  3. Make a EUR 30,000 non-refundable contribution to the government, including a EUR 5,500 administrative fee.
*Malta’s real estate options require a commitment to renting or purchasing a property in Malta and keep it for a minimum of five years.

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