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Cyprus will not replace its Citizenship by investment program

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Published   11:22 AM 3 March 2021
Updated    11:53 AM 3 March 2021

The President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, has said that the European Union (EU) country will not be replacing its citizenship by investment program (Cyprus CIP) – but other incentives would be offered for investment.


The Cyprus citizenship by investment program, which was halted late last year (November 2020), earned the island nation around EUR 9 billion since its launch in 2013, but the European Union (EU) had expressed concerns over the scheme.


The Cyprus citizenship by investment program had proved popular with nationals from Russia, Ukraine, China and Cambodia – attracted by the prospect of visa-free access across the European Union (EU).


Speaking at a board of enquiry, Anastasiades said the Cyprus citizenship by investment program had been the strictest in Europe but had weaknesses at the beginning. Possible corruption was also highlighted by a documentary film crew who caught officials on tape offering to help an applicant with a criminal record.


“The gaps and weaknesses allowed some applicants and others to abuse it,” said Anastasiades.

“There was an irrational promotion of the Cyprus citizenship by investment program, giving the impression Cyprus was selling its passports.”

Anastasiades had issued warnings that the scheme could be suspended but confirms it will not be replaced. However, he did say that other incentives would be offered for investment into the country, but that would not include Cyprus citizenship.


Another EU country, Malta, also made significant changes to its citizenship by investment program (Malta CIP) last year (2020). Despite the program’s tough stance on due diligence (Malta outranks most other CIPs for its stringent vetting procedures), the Maltese Government decided to scrap the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) prematurely and replace it with a new program which was launched in November.

Final Thoughts

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Source: Cyprus Mail


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