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Cyprus Permanent Residence Program

Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit

Individuals who are interested in obtaining an immigration permit for Cyprus from abroad are eligible to apply if they meet the following requirements:

Basic Eligibility Requirements
  • Have a clean medical record.
  • Should not have any intention to work in the country.

Financial Eligibility Requirements
  • The applicant should deposit a minimum amount of EUR 30,000 in a Cypriot financial institution.
  • Have a secure annual income (can be combined with spouse) of at least EUR 30,000 transferred to a bank account in Cyprus from abroad. This annual income should increase by EUR 5,000 for every dependent person (children under the age of 18).
  • The applicant and/or his spouse should purchase a property or other buildings:

1. Two residences (apartments or houses), OR;
2. A residence and a shop, OR;
3. A residence and an office.

The property purchased should worth at least EUR 300,000 (excluding VAT).

Cyprus Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my net worth include all my assets?
Your net worth includes all your assets as well as your spouse’s, i.e. cash in the bank etc, less the value of all your and your spouse’s liabilities (debts).

2. How many days or months I’m supposed to reside in Cyprus to gain citizenship? 
It depends on the program option selected. If you are applying for citizenship under the permanent residency program, you must live in Cyprus for a period of seven (7) years before you can be eligible to apply for citizenship, but if you applied under the citizenship by investment program, you obtain the citizenship in a fast-track way without any residency requirements.

3. Can I include my spouse and children in my citizenship by investment application?
Yes, both your spouse and children can be included in your application for citizenship by investment in Cyprus. However, only children who are under 18 years of age can be included in your application. In addition, it was recently announced that dependents between the ages 18-25 can now also be included in your application if they are able to provide a college/university certificate. 

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