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Real estate CBI program in Grenada

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Published   03:21 PM 30 April 2021
Updated    12:37 PM 23 June 2022

Do you want to retire or invest in real estate in the most attractive Caribbean islands? If yes, Grenada is for you. It offers you lots of benefits, both as an investor and citizen. The best benefit of investing in Grenada is that you can get your Grenada citizenship by investing in real estate. Known as the "Island of Spices'', Grenada is a true gem of the Caribbean islands on all fronts. Getting Grenada citizenship among others is a crucial point to emphasize on if you are investing in real estate in the region.

Grenada is the second largest exporter of the world's expensive spice nutmeg. It is home to one of the world's most beautiful landscapes, which forms another fantastic attraction for the people moving here. If you admire luxury or are a high-end investor, Grenada would never disappoint you. It has a small population of over 110,000 and a stable government ruling for over 35 years. The people of Grenada count as the happiest population ever. All these reasons prove why investing in Grenada's real estate is a profitable decision for every investor.

Benefits of investing in Grenada real estate

Grenada has everything to bring high-end investors from around the globe. This is to fulfill the government's aim to transform the "Island of Spices" into a global investment hub. For this, the government came up with its CBI, i.e., citizenship by investment program, in 2013.

Grenada citizenship by investment program means that you can get Grenada citizenship by investing in any pre-approved real estate if you want your second citizenship. In other words, invest a pre-set amount in Grenada's real estate and get your Grenada citizenship without hassles.

Though the results of the CBI programs display huge success, there are still some doubts in people’s minds about investing in real estate. So, below are the benefits of doing the same.

  • Over the years, especially post 2013, Grenada has become an investment hub for investors aiming to invest in real estate. Due to this, the real estate market is growing like never before. And several high-end properties are up for sale at pretty low prices due to the same.
  • Even if you have never been to Grenada, you can rest assured that its friendly population is ready to welcome you with both hands. According to a survey by the Grenada government, its population ranks among the top 10 most friendly populations.
  • You can invest in malls, parks, hotels, bars, restaurants, buildings, apartments, or anything else. Hence, the sky's the limit when it comes to the availability of properties to invest in Grenada.
  • Grenada is also well-known for its beautiful scenery and landscapes, which are the best in the Caribbean islands.
  • For connectivity to the other countries, Grenada connects well to the other parts of the world. For example, you can get flights to/from the UK at low prices like GBP 90.
  • Another advantage of investing in Grenada is visa-free travel to over 143 countries worldwide, including major economies countries like China and Russia.
  • The entire application process is a remote affair. That is, you don't need to visit Grenada for any application-related purpose.
  • Plus, you can add up to any number of members to your application like your spouse, children (up to age 30), Parents or grandparents above the age of 55 who both live and are fully supported by the main applicant.
  • Finally, the significant advantage of investing in Grenada real estate is the tax exemption you get.

All these benefits prove why people wish to get Grenada citizenship by investing in real estate. If you're wondering about the process for the same, here it is.

How to buy Grenada real estate?

If you wish to buy or invest in Grenada real estate, there are two simple options. The first is to apply for the alien landholding license that amounts to 10% of the property's price. If not this, you can also register in Grenada's citizenship by investment program. In this citizenship by investment program, you can either:

  • Invest as an independent investor in any pre-approved real estate at the least amount of USD $350,000.
  • Or invest with a partner at a least of USD $220,000 (i.e. USD $440,000).

It's important to note here that the investment has to be held for a least five years to become eligible for Grenada citizenship after investing.

Final Thoughts

For most, obtaining a second citizenship and passport in Granada provides more than enough benefits for successful applicants and their family: greater travel freedom, tax incentives, and citizenship can be maintained without ever residing in the country. But for some, access to the U.S. through the E-2 Investor Visa can be a deciding factor when applying to Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program since Grenada citizenship (passport) gives backdoor access to the U.S. under the E-2 Investor Treaty Visa.

For more information about Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, please click here.

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Source: Silicon India

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