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Canadian Citizenship Act New Revision of Bill C-24

25 February 2016

Canadian Citizenship Act New Revision of Bill C-24
The government of Canada is expected to call for an eradication of Bill C-24 on Canadian citizenship, with transitions due to the Canadian Citizenship Act.

Alongside other orders, the Bill C-24 allowed the Canadian government to deny citizenship in Canada to dual citizens that engaged in acts involving terrorism or treachery, as well as prevented the assistance of an interpreter for those conducting the Canadian knowledge examination.

The Liberal government highlighted the outstanding developments set to commence from the previous Conservative ruling government, whereby the Immigration Minister, Mr. McCallum, affirmed that "individuals’ citizenships will certainly not be renounced" under government procedures. 

The Liberal party intends to eliminate areas of the C-24 that uphold second-class status of citizenry and the challenges that potential immigrants face in attaining Canadian citizenship.

The government is currently considering re-establishing the strategies that administrated prior to the Bill C-24, or to introduce new legal advancements on citizenship, be it in account of age, language and citizenship requirements.
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