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Additional Services

Additional Services

Translation Services

If you need help translating any official documents, Invest Visa is happy to help you find a translation service. Though we are not certified to translate, we do work with trusted translators and can assist you in translating to and from any language needed.

Business Establishment Service

In addition to our exceptional citizenship and residency services, our dedicated team of experts seek to ease the process of setting up a new business for our valued investors and business people in their preferred destination. We assist you in completing all the necessary formalities, including but not limited to: renting an office, helping with orders for services and equipment, book-keeping, and tax planning.

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of our work. Let us assist you in growing your business globally and contact us today to learn more about our services.

Note: We only offer this service in Canada, USA, Portugal, Saint-Kitts, Cyprus, and Antigua and Barbuda currently.

Post Landing Services

Our team will provide you with assistance for your arrival at your destination and in your settlement process, as well as in obtaining the necessary financial and social information of your country of choice.

As a company, we seek to present you with first-class assistance in order to ensure the best post landing experience for both you and your family.

  • Our team will assist you with choosing accommodation at your destination of choice and will provide you with the advice needed for settlement.

  • Our team will also provide information and guidance in order to obtain the essential documents in your desired country, such as social security card, permanent resident card, drivers license and health insurance card.

  • Our team will offer to acquaint you with trustworthy and dependable real estate brokers, bank representatives and franchise brokers.

  • Our team will highlight all the important information on your country of choice, including economic overview, housing, business, tourism and leisure, health, and more, as well as assist you in opening up  a bank account and credit card.

  • Our team of worldwide experts will ease the process of setting up a business with support in market research and will make suggestions as to the ideal location accordingly.

  • Our team will also give guidance with matters pertaining to citizenship and sponsorship.

Note: We only provide our post landing services in Canada, Portugal and USA.