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Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Enter Canada with 0% Risk Investment


Published   10:37 AM 21 April 2016
Updated    12:36 PM 19 December 2021

Enter Canada with 0% Risk Investment
One of the fundamental issues that all new or experienced investors around the world may worry about is the high or low risks that might come with their investments, and how they should avoid them, as well as the outcomes that may result from their investments. Interestingly, the province of Quebec, Canada offers wealthy foreign investors an attractive opportunity to make a passive risk- free investment in Quebec with the chance to obtain permanent residency in Canada for the investor and immediate family under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

Under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, investors are offered the option of making a risk-free investment where the investor is required to invest CAD 800,000 with the Quebec government with a guaranteed full-return of the investment amount after the period of five years on an interest-free basis. Fortunately, a financing option is made available for investors by this program and is offered by invest-visa.

Aside from the mandatory investment required to be eligible to apply under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, this program also requires candidates to demonstrate a personal worth of CAD 1.6 million and have a least two years of qualifying business management experience. Although the Quebec Investor Program is strict regarding the conditions related to net worth and business experience, it surprisingly doesn’t require any level of education or any language proficiency.In addition, the permanent residency granted to investors and their families has no probationary or conditional stage as with many other immigration programs, and approved applicants have the chance to move to any other province in Canada under Canadian law once they obtain Canadian permanent residency.

The Quebec Investor program is targeted by many investors and will continue to receive a steady flow of high net worth immigrants for many years, especially after the federal IIP was terminated on June 2014 by the Conservative government following a two-year pause, affecting more than 15,000 unprocessed applications.

For more information on Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, click here.

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