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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Barbuda CIP Waives HIV Test Aged 0 to 11


Published   08:53 AM 24 April 2016
Updated    11:42 AM 22 March 2022

Antigua Barbuda CIP Waives HIV Test Aged 0 to 11
Interested candidates can now ease the immigration process for their minor dependents aged 0-11 when applying under the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program as the government of Antigua and Barbuda has recently decided to stop requiring these young dependents to get an HIV test. It is really necessary for countries offering citizenship or permanent residency programs to require such tests, to make sure that healthy individuals enter the country and not to jeopardize the health of its people. For that reason, Antigua and Barbuda CIP used to demand such tests from each individual accompanying the principal applicant including infants, but the government came to a conclusion that if the biological mother undergoes an HIV test (respecting the three-month validity period of the test) and the result is negative, then there is no need for the minor children to take these examinations. In cases where the biological mother is not a party to the file, her HIV test result must be submitted with the application.

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) was formed following the parliamentary authorization to the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Regulations 2014. The highly reputable Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is considered one of the most accessible of the Second Passport (Second Citizenship) programs.

The government’s adoption of the Citizenship by Investment Program allows the promotion of economic growth and development, as well as granting citizenship status to the investor and immediate family on the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda.

Making a contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF) is one of the investment options under the Antigua and Barbuda investment program. The National Development Fund requires the candidate to make a monetary contribution in the amount of US$250,000. However, with the limited time offer, candidates are only required to make a monetary contribution of US$200,000. The Contribution has been reduced by US$50,000.This limited time offer is valid until April 30th2016.

The fees for the limited time offer will be US$0.00 (Zero) for two dependents under 18 years old (A reduction of US$25,000 *2 = US$50,000)

This offer opens the doors for more interested investors to become Antigua and Barbuda citizens including their families by reducing the government fees and including more dependents.

For more information about the Antigua and Barbuda CIP, please click here.

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