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U.S. EB-5 Program

Is the EB-5 Program the Right Immigration Option for You?


Published   11:22 AM 11 May 2016
Updated    11:24 AM 11 May 2016

Is the EB-5 Program the Right Immigration Option for You?
Here are some advantages and restrictions to the EB-5 green card/the Immigrant Investor program for the U.S:
  • The EB-5 green card is initially conditional. This means that once the green card is received, the U.S. immigrant investor must meet the EB-5 program conditions of number of employees hired within the two years following the investment. If the 10 new positions have not been created, the green card will be cancelled.
  • Like any other immigration program, not all applications for the >U.S immigrant Investor program (EB-5) are accepted. Due to previous fraudulent applications in this category, application review has become more stringent.
  • If the applicant has sufficient funds to complete the required investment and proves that the business investment is in process for the EB-5 immigration program, the applicant is not required to have any business training or experience compared to other
  • Applicants can invest their money in a business anywhere in the U.S., however, the applicant must maintain their investment as well as prove active management of the company until the unconditional green card is received.
  • Once an unconditional green card is obtained, the immigrant investor can choose to work for another company, or stop work altogether.
  • Green card holders must actually reside in the U.S. to fulfill the permanent residency requirements.
  • The spouse and dependent children of an applicant can also obtain residency permits
    (green cards) as accompanying dependents.
  • Green cards can be taken away and the holder may even be deported if caught misusing it. There are several reasons a green card can be taken away, for example living outside of the U.S. for too long and criminality.
  • If a green card holder lives in the U.S. for 5 years continuously, the individual may then apply for U.S. citizenship. The two years of residency in the U.S under the conditional green card period is included in the five years.
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