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Antigua & Barbuda

Recent Updates on Antigua & Barbuda (CIP)


Published   08:12 AM 26 May 2016
Updated    08:14 AM 26 May 2016

Recent Updates on Antigua & Barbuda (CIP)
The Antigua and Barbuda CIP is a program that offers high net worth individuals (HNWI) the possibility to obtain a second passport directly in a short period of time, and Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is granted in return for their investments through different investment options.

Recently, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) has made a series of announcements concerning the investment option of the National Development Fund, and added a new list of required documents that should be provided by the applicant. Below is a brief summary of updates for the CIP:

Changes in the amount of monetary contribution for the (NDF) option

For the investors who choose the option to contribute to the National Development fund in Antigua and Barbuda, the required monetary contribution is set as follows:
  • For a family of four persons(the applicant, spouse, and two dependent children), the monetary contribution required is US$200,000 with no government processing fees for two dependents.
  • For a family of five persons or more (the applicant, spouse, and three or more dependent children), the monetary contribution required is US$250,000 with nogovernment processing fees for three dependents.
** It is important to note that children, parents, or even grand-parents of the main applicant are considered dependents if they are part of the household.

Updated application forms

The CIU has released new application forms to account for the changes that were made to the NDF investment option including the new banking requirements.
The new forms include the following:
  • Citizenship by Investment Application Form AB1
  • Photograph and Signature Certificate Form AB2
  • Medical Certificate Form AB3
  • Investment Confirmation Form AB4
The new list of required documents includes:
  • Latest audited financial statements if applicant's source of income is business;
  • Business or employment documents of the spouse (if applicable); and
  • Two documents for proof of address (title deed, lease agreement, utility bill, credit card statement, bank statement, etc.)

For more information about Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program, please click here.

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