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Public Discussion on Canada’s Immigration Policy

11 July 2016

Public Discussion on Canada’s Immigration Policy
The government of Canada has invited its citizens to provide their views on the current immigration policies to improve its future plans, and continue to grow its nation through immigration. For that purpose, Canada launched a public conversation, the “national conversation on immigration”, for a period of one month, starting from July 5th until August 5th, where Canadians are encouraged to answer an online consultation form and submit their feedback on the next steps in Canada's immigration policies.

As Canada is a popular destination for people who are looking for a better quality of life, this public conversation is seeking the help of Canadians to be able to remain on top and attract the best skills and talents. Canada is known to be a multicultural country that welcomes many immigrants around the world and it is said to be built by immigrants. Immigration is thus highly valued in Canada because it enriches the country's cultural landscape and contributes to its economic growth.

The consultation form asks Canadians to submit their views about a range of topics and write the next chapter of the Canadian immigration story. As stated by the government: “The Government of Canada is asking Canadians from coast to coast to help write the next chapter of that story. We are committed to an immigration system that supports diversity and helps to grow the economy, as it strengthens the fabric of our society”.

A discussion guide was made available to the public to explain the purpose of the consultation and to enable a better understanding of the form before filling the questionnaire. The form focuses on the following points:
  • How to strengthen Canadian social fabric to best support newcomers;
  • The best ways to unlock Canada’s diverse needs to support the economic growth and innovation in Canada;
  • Techniques on how to modernize Canada’s immigration system;
  • How Canada can be a leader in global migration and immigration, and be a model to the world on refugees;
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