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U.S. EB-5 Program

Support Education in the U.S. by Investing in a Charter School


Published   04:38 AM 19 July 2016
Updated    04:40 AM 19 July 2016

Support Education in the U.S. by Investing in a Charter School
The EB-5 immigrant investor program is an efficient and simple route for foreign nationals to obtain an American green card and live in the U.S.A. Successful investors along with their immediate family members (spouse and dependent children) are first issued a conditional resident status in the United States. Conditions can be removed after two years and permanent residence can be obtained. This can lead to future citizenship.

The EB-5 program provides the opportunity for high-net-worth international investors to obtain U.S. visas through investment. To qualify for the program, the applicant must invest US$500,000 in an approved Regional Center located in a targeted employment area (TEA), or US$1 million in a new enterprise. The applicant’s investment must create 10 full-time jobs within a two-year period. After the initial application is approved, the applicant and immediate family receive conditional resident status in the United States. If the 10 full-time jobs are successfully created within the two-year period, the visas’ conditions are removed and the applicant and family receive permanent resident status.

Interested investors also have the option of investing in a Charter School for the EB-5 program. A charter school is an elementary or secondary school, located in a targeted employment area, that is built and managed by the private sector while being publicly (government) funded. The first charter school in the U.S. was established in 1991. The purpose of charter schools is to provide education opportunities for communities that are lacking in quality schools. There is no tuition fee for charter schools and any student in the U.S. can attend such schools. They are overseen by the government to ensure they meet the state and federal academic standards.

As charter schools continue to experience success, demand for these schools among American students continues to grow, offering more investment opportunities to potential investors. Charter schools have long waiting lists of students who are keen to enroll. Therefore, there is little risk that a charter school will be unsuccessful.

By investing US$500,000 in the development of a new charter school, investors can apply to the EB-5 program and contribute to expanding childhood education in the United States. The operational expenses of charter schools are 100% government funded. Performance of the schools are also monitored by the government to ensure stability of each project. Each new charter school will create a high number of jobs that will exceed the minimum of 10 new jobs required per investor. The risk of not creating sufficient jobs is thus nearly eliminated with a charter school investment.

In summary, investing in a charter school through the EB-5 program is likely the easiest and safest route for high net worth individuals who wish to immigrate to the United States. The investment is also cheaper (US$500,000 compared to US$1 million) than establishing a new enterprise. This is a passive investment opportunity for those investors who do not wish to be involved in the management of a business. Contact us today to find out how you can invest in a charter school. Our future depends on the quality of education of our children today.

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