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Obtain a Second Passport to Antigua and Barbuda by Investing in the Movie Industry

27 July 2016

Obtain a Second Passport to Antigua and Barbuda by Investing in the Movie Industry
Have you ever wanted to be part of a movie production? Now could be your chance! Wealthy foreign nationals are now given the opportunity to qualify for a second citizenship to Antigua and Barbuda in exchange for investing in part of the production costs of a Caribbean movie based on the life of music legend Bob Marley. This is an innovative method of financing the movie, and a fun alternative compared to the usual real estate or financial securities investments required by other citizenship by investment programs.
The title of the movie is “Rebels: The Legend of Bob Marley”, and it will be produced by a film production company based on the island of Antigua: Golden Islands Filmworks Ltd. This company has worked with leading producers in cinema and music. It has produced some award-winning films such as Mission Impossible Four and Crash. David Bowie and Katie Perry are among the biggest music productions of Golden Islands company.
Bob Marley, who passed in 1981, is still regarded by many as one of the most influential musicians of all times. He brought reggae to a global scale, and is a symbol of Caribbean music and spirit. The movie will chronicle the life of Bob Marley and the birth of reggae music.
The government of Antigua and Barbuda has agreed to allow funding of the film through the Citizenship by Investment Program. The required investment for this option is US$410,000. The movie production will help boost the development of the country’s economy as well as create many jobs.
Investors are eligible to apply for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda immediately with a minimum investment of US$410,000 into the film. There are several benefits to a citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda, including the visa-free travel to over 130 countries around the world. There are also tax benefits as citizens pay no personal, capital gains, or inheritance tax, and there is no tax on worldwide income. In addition, there is no physical residence requirement in order to obtain citizenship and an applicant can receive the passport without ever stepping foot in the country.
Aside from the citizenship benefits above, there are also several incentives to investing through this movie production. Investors will be given the opportunity to visit production sets, meet the cast and directors, and attend private movie-related events. They may even be hired for some roles in the movie! In addition, investors can receive a return on their investment in the film. There are two types of preferred shares being offered: The non-participatory preferred share offers a fixed return, while the participatory preferred share offers a percentage of the movie profits. Only 32 preferred shares will be issued, as per the production company’s current intentions. This is an exciting, new investment opportunity for high net worth individuals across the globe.
In addition to the movie investment option, the other traditional investment options of Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program are as follows:
  1. Make a non-refundable contribution of US$200,000 (for a family of four) to the National Development fund;
  2. Purchase an approved real-estate property for a minimum of US$400,000 that must be held for five years;
  3. Establish a business with a minimum US$1.5 million investment.

Whatever your investment choice, the application can be processed in as little as three months. We can assist you with obtaining your second citizenship to the beautiful twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Do not hesitate, and contact us today.
Please click here for more information on Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program.
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