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Life in Canada

Canada Ranked 3rd Best Country to Live in for Expats


Published   07:03 AM 24 September 2016
Updated    07:08 AM 24 September 2016

Canada Ranked 3rd Best Country to Live in for Expats

HSBC recently published its Expat Explorer Report, ranking the top countries in the world to live as a foreigner. 27,000 immigrants from 190 different countries were surveyed for the report. They were asked how easy it was for them to work, live, and raise a family in the country they lived in. With the results, HSBC calculated a score for each of three categories: economics, experience, and family. The average of the combined numbers was then used to establish a ranking of the best (and worst) countries to live in.

Canada moved up three spots from the sixth best country in the 2015 report to third place this year. Let’s look at 10 of the survey findings:



Canada, one of the Group of 7 (G7), has among the most advanced economies and is one of the wealthiest nations of the world. The Canadian economy is primarily service-based, however, being rich in natural resources, the primary sector is also important.


1.       74% of expats in Canada said they owned a property in Canada, compared to only 32% of global expats.

2.       53% of expats in Canada said that the country is appealing for starting a business, compared to only 38% of global expats.

3.       74% of expats in Canada said they were assured that Canada was politically stable, compared to only 51% of global expats.



Did you know that Canada was the first country in the world to implement multiculturalism as an official policy in 1971? Canada prides itself on being the world’s cultural mosaic, learning and becoming stronger from the cultural diversity brought by immigrants from around the world. Canada values all of its citizens equally, regardless of race, religion, or language.


4.       69% of expats in Canada said that the country was more welcoming of people of all cultures, faiths, racial origins, genders, and sexual orientations than their home country. Only 43% of expats living elsewhere said the same about the country they were living in.

5.       68% said the overall quality of life in Canada was better than their home country. The global average was only 52%.

6.       66% said they felt safer in Canada than in their home country, while the global average of expats was only 52%.

7.       76% of expats in Canada said they are integrating well with the local community, compared to 61% globally who felt the same.

8.       80% of expats in Canada said they have lived in Canada for a period longer than five years, compared to 50% of global expats.



Canada offers programs, services, and financial support to parents and families of children including child care benefits. Canada has among the world’s longest maternity leave policies with 50 weeks paid off work for new mothers. The country also has an excellent education system that is publicly funded (primary through secondary) and overseen by the government, as well as some of the world’s leading universities.


9.     75% of those surveyed with children said that the quality of life has improved for their children, compared to 60% globally.

10.   75% of parents claimed that their children’s health has improved, compared to a low global average of 49%.


Foreign nationals who have immigrated to Canada have led to the country’s ranking in the top three best countries to live in the world. Ranked among the best for business, personal experience as well as raising a family, wouldn’t you want to live there too?

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