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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Processing Time for QIIP Overview


Published   10:21 AM 13 November 2016
Updated    10:38 AM 22 December 2021

Processing Time for QIIP Overview
Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP): An Overview

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (or QIIP), launched in 1986, is one of Canada’s most exclusive and widely successful investor programs offered to high-net worth candidates and their immediate families across the world. Through the QIIP, applicants with business management experience have the opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residency via the province of Quebec while enjoying a high-quality and affordable lifestyle. Approved candidates and their families are able to begin residing, working, or conducting business wherever they choose, as well as enroll their dependent children in Canadian schools and universities.

What is the processing time for my QIIP application?

Interest in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) often raises many questions for applicants. One of the most common questions is “How long is the processing time for the QIIP?” It is important to keep in mind that QIIP applications are processed at both the provincial level in Quebec as well as the federal level in Canada. While Quebec is responsible for the selection of applicants, the Federal Government assesses whether or not an applicant is admissible to Canada.

In the past, the processing time for a QIIP application was directly related to the immigration office reviewing the application. However, changes have been made after the program’s reintroduction in May 2016, which set the maximum number of applications that could be received at 1,900. As a result, processing time is now based on three primary factors:
  • The applicant’s current country of residence as entered on the application for the Quebec Selection Certificate, or Certificat de Sélection du Quebec (CSQ); AND,
  • The number of applicants from a specific country; AND,
  • The applicant’s proficiency in the French language.*
*Applicants who demonstrate a high-intermediary aptitude of the French language are exempt from the maximum limit (1,900) of QIIP applications.

For processing at the provincial level, the timeframe for an applicant to receive CSQ approval will vary based upon the criteria mentioned above. Applicants can refer to specific country information from the Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion Québec website. It is important to note, however, that each applicant is subject to the criteria review which can have differing processing times.
Processing time at the Federal level

Following processing of the CSQ at the provincial level, the application begins federal processing by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which, as of January 2016, may issue reductions in the processing time due to movement of the application between IRCC offices. This is done at the discretion of IRCC as means to process an application in the fastest and most efficient manner. The federal processing time for this stage will vary depending on factors such as the applicant’s country of citizenship or residency. In this regard, processing times are more accurately reflected in case-by-case circumstances.

How long will it take to obtain permanent residency?

While all applicants hope for the quickest route to permanent residency, the time it takes to process an application varies depending on the three primary factors previously mentioned. This also includes a 3-step procedure for submitting and processing the CSQ (document verification, preliminary review, and selection review), with each step requiring its own time frame. The time it takes to process an application during these steps will vary dependent on several factors including the applicant’s category of immigration, how many applicants are in the same geographic pool, the quantity of CSQ applications that have been submitted (from countries or territories), and international context is taken into consideration as well.

QIIP applications are received all over the world, and each applicant’s processing time will vary depending on the factors listed above. However, due to the popularity and number of applications allowed to be submitted for investors, processing times are anticipated to be completed by the Canadian government at a faster rate for 2017.

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