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Dubai immigration services firm closed over UAE citizenship violations


Published   12:24 PM 18 March 2021
Updated    03:43 PM 10 November 2021

Dubai immigration services firm closed over UAE citizenship violations

Unnamed company found to have received citizenship applications after recent law changes without being authorized to do so. A Dubai-based immigration services firm has been closed down by authorities after misleading investors keen to obtain United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizenship .The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection Sector at Dubai Economy said it took action to close the company which was found to have received citizenship applications without being authorized to do so.


It also reviewed personal details and proof of wealth submitted by the applicants, updating them later on their eligibility status for citizenship. An investigation by Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) revealed that the office had promised to assist investors in obtaining UAE citizenship , provided the applicant had no less than USD $2,730,000 (AED 10,000,000) in wealth and paid USD $10,000(AED 37,000) as a processing fee for the application.Applicants were also told the details provided by them would be evaluated for compliance with the citizenship requirements.

In January, 2021 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) approved amendments to its nationality laws to attract more foreign talent to contribute to the country's "development journey". But the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) said the service offered was not only unauthorized but also in contravention of the recent amendment, which does not specify any fee.

Dubai Economy warned that strict action will be taken against any office or commercial establishment that transgresses its authority and reminded United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents, investors and the public to be aware of such fraudulent practices.

In January, 2021 under the directives of United Arab Emirates (UAE) President, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai Ruler, approved the changes to the Executive Regulation of the Federal Law concerning Nationality allowing investors, professionals, special talents and their families to acquire Emirati nationality under certain conditions.

Specific categories can acquire Emirati citizenship including investors, doctors, specialists, inventors, scientists and individuals with creative talents such as intellectuals and artists.

It said the naturalized individual must comply to Emirati laws and officially inform the respective government agency in case of acquiring or losing any other citizenship.

It added that the families of those nominated for a United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport can acquire the citizenship as well, while retaining their current nationality.

The step aims at appreciating the talents and competencies present in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and attracting more bright minds to the Emirati community in a way that contributes to the development and prosperity of the country.The law also allows receivers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) passport to keep their existing citizenship.

Conditions that must be met to qualify for a UAE passport:


  • Investors are required to own a property in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Doctors and specialists must be specialized in a unique scientific discipline or any other scientific principles that are highly required in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The applicant must have a practical experience of not less than 10 years, in addition to obtaining membership in a reputable organization in his field of specialization.
  • Scientists are required to be an active researcher in a university or research Centre or in the private sector, with a practical experience of not less than 10 years in the same field. It is also mandatory to obtain a recommendation letter from recognized scientific institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Inventors are required to obtain one or more patents that are approved by the United Arab Emirates (UAE)Ministry of Economy or any other reputable international body, in addition to a recommendation letter from the Economy Ministry.
  • Individuals with creative talents such as intellectuals and artists should be pioneers in the culture and art fields and winners of one or more international award. A recommendation letter from related government entities is mandatory as well.
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizenship offers a wide range of benefits including the right to establish or own commercial entities and properties. As per the amendments, the citizenship can be withdrawn upon breach of the conditions.


Final thoughts

To avoid the threat of immigration fraud, it is important that individuals looking into immigration options thoroughly research a company’s website to ensure the information is coming from a credible source. The amount of information on the internet is limitless, and immigration websites may not always have the client’s best interests in mind. However, with proper research and knowing how to identify potential red flags, individuals seeking residency or citizenship abroad can significantly increase his or her chances of successful immigration.

At QICMS, we believe in honesty, professionalism, and integrity first and foremost; our team of multi-lingual immigration specialists and network of experienced professionals dedicate their business skills to provide clients with guidance tailored to their needs with regards to global citizenship and residency solutions. Contact our office today to begin your immigration plans for a brighter future.

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