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Sponsored Spouses to Become Permanent Residents upon Arrival in Canada


Published   09:25 AM 10 March 2016
Updated    09:26 AM 10 March 2016

Sponsored Spouses to Become Permanent Residents upon Arrival in Canada
The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC or IRCC), John McCallum, recently announced that the Canadian government plans alternations in the conditional permanent residence provision that are due to come into effect shortly. According to McCallum, sponsored spouses of Canadian citizens will now be granted permanent residency upon arrival in Canada.

By removing the conditional permanent residence provision, constituted under the former Conservative government, the two-year wait to obtain permanent residency from conditional permanent resident status will be discarded and instead, the government of Canada seeks to provide sponsored spouses with permanent residence when they arrive in Canada.

Additionally, McCallum noted on the lengthy application processing times for spousal immigration which can take up to two years, and stated that the department’s current efforts aim to decrease the processing times for applications considerably. 

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