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Reformations in Processing Times Due to Refugees to Canada


Published   09:31 AM 10 March 2016
Updated    09:32 AM 10 March 2016

Reformations in Processing Times Due to Refugees to Canada
The recent migration of 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada has helped to shape plans in the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) department, in aiming to decrease the processing time of applications for family class, economic and refugee.

Canadian Minister of IRCC highlighted that the event of Syrian refugees fleeing to Canada was an experience that the department learned from which would be used to fulfill aims in speeding up and perfecting future application processes.

McCallum declared that the Canadian government’s efforts to manage the treatment of economic migrants to provinces through the Provincial Nominee Programs will be better regulated, which is due to be discussed in meetings with the provincial governments. 

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