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Canada to Accept 305,000 New Permanent Residents in 2016


Published   09:34 AM 10 March 2016
Updated    09:34 AM 10 March 2016

Canada to Accept 305,000 New Permanent Residents in 2016
The Canadian government raises the bar in its 2016 Immigration Levels Plan where it aims to take up as much as 305,000 new permanent residents during the year. Whereas formerly, the Canadian government’s target has been known not to exceed 300,000.

Canada plans to accept a larger quantity of immigrants as well as refugees and advanced family reunification applicants. Economic immigration continues to be the prime division in the amount of immigrants Canada opens its doors to.  The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), John McCallum, affirmed that in line with their aims at the department, Canada will be welcoming a larger quota of people.

McCallum stated that a recent parliamentary bill targets an amount of 280,000 to 305,000 at a permanent resident status to be permitted entry to Canada during this year, together with more Syrian refugees. 

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