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eTA System in Canada Delayed


Published   09:32 AM 10 March 2016
Updated    12:01 PM 22 March 2022

eTA System in Canada Delayed
The government of Canada has delayed a new electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system to a later date approximately due in the autumn period. This system is intended for those exempt from acquiring a temporary acquiring a temporary resident visa (TRV) prior to admission to Canada, and was expected to administer as of 15th March 2016.

Recently noted on the Canadian government’s webpage, foreign individuals that are visa-exempt will be required to have certified eTA when flying or transiting via Canada, excluding Canadian visa holders and U.S. citizens. However, between March 15th 2016 to autumn 2016, individuals travelling without an eTA can proceed with flights given that all of the necessary requirements are met for entry to Canada. Therefore the system that is currently operating will be sustained until the new system of eTA is obligated.

Comparable to the current Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) in the U.S., the system will solely be mandatory for temporary resident visa exempt persons whom seek access to Canada temporarily. The eTA system requires a $7 CAD processing fee and is warranted for 5 years from issue date. 

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