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Canada Aims to Help International Students to Permanent Residence

16 March 2016

Canada Aims to Help International Students to Permanent Residence
The Canadian government strives to ease the procurement of permanent residency for international students in Canada after completing their studies.

Two days ago, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in Canada, John McCallum, called for federal-provincial reform talks for the Express Entry immigration system. Previously established by the Conservative government last year, it has been indeterminate whether international students are granted the course of permanent resident status in Canada under the Express Entry system.

“I believe international students are among the most fertile source of new immigrants for Canada. By definition, they are educated. They speak English or French. They know something about the country, so they should be first on our list of people who we court to come to Canada”, said the minister.

The Express Entry system involves eligible person’s to make an Expression of Interest (EOI) when opting for permanent residency immigration to Canada. Those whom obtain the required scoring are selected by the Canadian government from the pool of candidates applying for permanent residence.

The majority of international students graduating from Canadian educational institutions have the opportunity to get a post-graduation work permit, available for up to three years.

The government of Canada plans to somewhat revise the Express Entry system to enable assistance to international students and easing the way for permanent resident status in Canada.

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