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Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Nova Scotia’s NSNP Cap Raised to 1,350

19 March 2016

Nova Scotia’s NSNP Cap Raised to 1,350
The Nova Scotia province of Canada raises the total annual allocation cap for its Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) to 1,350 as a result of an added 300 spaces.

"Nova Scotia, because of its aging population, is desperate for immigrants… So what we are hoping to do in the time between now and the fall is to hold these discussions, for me to be able to generate large numbers of immigrants overall and for me to be able to agree to Nova Scotia to receive significantly more… But we're not there yet, we're in the early stages", Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum stated during lobbies to the federal government by the Nova Scotia government.

The 2015 annual allocation cap for NSNP was also increased to 1,350 after successful lobbies with the federal government. Although the 2016 cap for NSNP was initially set at 1,050 by the Liberal government in Ottawa, the parties have come to a mutual agreement to raise the annual allocation cap back to 1,350. 

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