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Expression of Interest (EOI) Explained

5 June 2016

Expression of Interest (EOI) Explained
Several business immigration programs in Canada require the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) as the first step of the immigration process. Only eligible applicants can submit an EOI. Eligible individuals are those who meet the minimum point score as required by the program in question. For the purpose of this post, we will be referring to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B), although several other provincial business-stream programs also require EOIs.

The Expression of Interest is fully completed online whereby the candidate completes forms, however, is not required to upload any supporting documents during this part of the application process. After completing the series of questions on the forms, a point score will be assigned to the candidate. Each EOI is placed in a pool of eligible candidates, and only the highest scoring candidates based on several factors, including how many visas are to be issued in a given year, will be invited to submit an application.

There is no quota set for the number of EOIs that can be received and there is also no deadline. The information provided in the EOI will determine whether and how quickly an applicant will be invited to apply to the province.
The following are the eligibility criteria of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business:
  • Minimum net worth of CAD 350,000, legally acquired;
  • Minimum of three years of business management experience at a senior level or business owner;
  • Minimum investment of CAD 150,000 into an eligible business, and must have a viable business plan;
  • Make a government deposit of CAD 100,000, which is refundable once the business requirements are met;
  • Obtain a minimum score of 60 on the adaptability matrix

Although there is no explicit requirement for any language proficiency, for most applicants an approved test in one of Canada’s official languages (English/French) will be required in order to meet the points required for program qualification. In addition, a certain level of proficiency in one of these languages will be necessary for conducting and managing business in the province once immigrated.

Note that an Expression of Interest is not an actual application. It is a submission of interest in applying for the program. Only select candidates will be invited to submit an application.

If you successfully create an Expression of Interest, you will be entered into a pool of all eligible candidates. Note the following after EOI is completed online:
  • EOI profile is valid for only one year from the day of submission;
  • Based on questions answered in EOI form, candidate will receive EOI ranking points;
  • The MPNP-B draws the highest scoring candidates weekly and sends them a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). This particular program has been issuing 10 LAAs per week;
  • Information provided in the EOI must always be accurate and complete. Any changes to a candidate’s profile must be updated immediately;
  • Any false or misleading information could result in a refusal of the application, and the candidate may be barred from reapplying again for a period of two years.

Manitoba elects to us the Expression of Interest system in order to find the highest-scoring candidates possible among those interested in the province. Factors including age, language proficiency, business experience, net worth, and other factors are used to assess and rank a candidate. The factors assessed are those that are important to a business person’s economic success in Manitoba.

Although the minimum score for Manitoba’s business immigration program is 60/100, applicants are advised to try to obtain the highest score possible in order to improve chances of being invited to apply.

To find out more about the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business, please click here.

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