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Prime Minister of Canada Celebrates Iftar for Ramadan

8 June 2016

Prime Minister of Canada Celebrates Iftar for Ramadan
Diversity in race and religion is one characteristic of Canada that truly makes it a great country. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, celebrated Iftar and broke the first Ramadan fast with the Muslim members of the Liberal party on the night of June 6th.

High net worth individuals, business men, and investors from around the world are continuing to immigrate to this multicultural country where the Prime Minister really practices diversity and inclusion. There are several options available for individuals who are interested in investing in the country or even in establishing a business in Canada.

The province of Quebec is currently accepting applications for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) with a set quota of 1900 applicants, including 1330 from China, Hong Kong, and Macao. The program is scheduled to run until February 28th, 2017 or when the total number of applications is received, whichever occurs first. Experts believe that the quota will fill up quickly as it has in past years.

The primary requirements of the program are as follows:
  • Minimum personal net worth (alone or combined with spouse) of $1.6 million CAD, all legally acquired;
  • Two years of qualifying management experience with the five-year period preceding the application date;
  • Make a passive investment of $800,000 CAD (please contact us for financing options) into a fully government guaranteed investment for a period of five years with no interest;
  • Intention to settle in the province of Quebec.
The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is ideal for those who are interested in making a passive investment without any further conditions. Those looking to establish a business in Canada can do so under any of the numerous Provincial Nominee Programs available.

These Canadian business immigration programs allow investors to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada and, one the conditions are met, Citizenship can also be obtained.

In a world that stands divided by fear and religion, Prime Minister Trudeau is setting an example as a true leader of the people. He issued the following statement about Ramadan: 

“Muslims in Canada and around the world will embark upon a month-long spiritual journey of fasting, prayer, and reflection to commemorate the revealing of the Qu’ran to the Prophet Muhammad”

“During Ramadan, Muslims fast during daylight hours to increase their patience, closeness to God, and generosity towards those less fortunate. It is a time of community, when Muslims invite neighbours and friends to share their evening meal – iftar – to recite prayers together, and encourage each other to give to charity”

“Ramadan reminds all of us to show appreciation for the countless blessings we enjoy and to put the needs of others before our own”

“Let us take the time to recognize, and show gratitude for, the invaluable contributions of our Muslim communities that enrich our national fabric each and every day. Canada’s cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and sources of pride”

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those observing this holy month a blessed and peaceful Ramadan”.

“Ramadan Mubarak!”

To learn more about the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, please click here.

To learn more about the Provincial Nominee Programs, please click here.

To learn more about immigrating to Canada, please click here.

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