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Bulgarian Citizenship Through Risk-Free Government Bonds


Published   09:22 AM 18 July 2016
Updated    01:17 PM 9 November 2021

Bulgarian Citizenship Through Risk-Free Government Bonds
High net worth individuals and investors who are interested in becoming global citizens are looking toward Bulgaria as a prime option. There are numerous benefits to obtaining permanent residence in Bulgaria, including the freedom of movement among the European Union countries as well as the Schengen zone. Bulgaria offers a “fast-track” option whereby an investor can obtain citizenship in as little as 18 months from the date of the investment. A second citizenship from Bulgaria allows unrestricted access to live, work, and/or study, as well as own property in any of the EU countries.
There are a few different investment options offered by Bulgaria’s Immigrant Investor Program, including investments in bonds, real estate, and businesses in underdeveloped areas of Bulgaria. The bond option, however, is the safest option as the investment is fully backed by the government bonds, and the return of investment funds is guaranteed.
Government bond sales for the Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Program are regulated through the Ministry of Finance and the Bulgarian National Bank. This is a passive investment that must be held for five years. After the five-year period, the initial investment of BGN 1 million is guaranteed to be repaid in full, without any interest. Although there is no return on the investment, it is a risk-free option. On the other hand, one can never be certain about real estate values or business profits in the future.
The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program allows foreign investors to obtain permanent residency in Bulgaria with a fast-track option for citizenship by investing in government bonds. This particular program is sought-after due to the ease of the application process and minimal requirements following receipt of permanent residence. There is no language competency required in order to qualify for the program. In addition, there is no physical residency requirement for investments in Bulgaria through the government bond option. The fast-track option allows those who have held permanent residency for one year to apply for citizenship by investing an additional BGN 1 million (doubling the initial investment) in government bonds. Both the initial investment and the fast-track investment must be held for a minimum of two years after citizenship is attained. Financing options are available for both investment amounts. Please contact us for details.
For a fast and risk-free route to citizenship in a European country, the Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program through bond investment is a great option. The bonds are fully guaranteed by the government and thus provides interested investors with an alternative to other programs. Citizenship in under two years through a passive investment option has investors around the world turning to Bulgaria.
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