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Life in the Caribbean

Caribbean Life at its Finest


Published   06:24 AM 6 December 2016
Updated    06:27 AM 6 December 2016

Caribbean Life at its Finest
For many people, the word “Caribbean” creates a picturesque paradise in the imagination: turquoise oceans lined with white sand beaches surrounded by lush vegetation, bungalows, and palm trees. With this impression, it really is no surprise that the Caribbean is an ideal location for those wanting a new life abroad. Even for individuals simply wanting a change of scenery from their native country, the Caribbean offers a multitude of benefits for second citizenship seekers.
Over the past several years, Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) in the Caribbean have become an increasing trend for high-net worth individuals, providing easy access to a second passport and the opportunity to relocate while investing in local economies.
So, what are the benefits of a Caribbean lifestyle?
Cultural diversity
Approximately 7,000 islands make up the vast area known as the Caribbean. Although not every island is livable, cultural diversity goes hand-in-hand with the many islands that are. Indeed, many Caribbean countries are comprised of interdependent local communities, with each having their own language and lively daily life. Newcomers will quickly notice that locals will all generally know one another in these close-knit communities. For those used to a more cosmopolitan city life, this can take some getting used to. However, the close interaction between Caribbean residents just means that locals look out for and take care of each other.
Creating a new or second “home away from home”
People from all over the world have made the Caribbean a place to call home; it is no longer just a popular location to visit for the holidays. Citizenship by Investment Programs in countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and Dominica now give foreign investors, or “global citizens,” the chance to create their own paradise: a “home away from home” in the Caribbean. For expats, island life provides new residents accommodations and comforts of home better than ever before.
A lifestyle with a slower pace
Within these small island communities, new residents can also expect a more relaxed day-to-day lifestyle. Island life is usually set at a slower pace, which can be quite different from the bustle of major cities around the world. Caribbean countries heavily rely on importing goods from abroad, so waiting times can vary from ship to shore. However, expats can also take comfort in the close proximity of the United States to many Caribbean islands, thus keeping your needed goods readily available throughout the year.
Outdoor activities for residents
Expats do not need to worry about a slower-paced lifestyle or boredom on the islands. On the contrary, the Caribbean gives residents plenty of sunshine and warmer climate most of the year.  This kind of environment is ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, sailing, or lounging on a beach. While natural wonders are always in abundance for residents to enjoy, locals can also take advantage of more adventurous activities like jet skiing, surfing, or windsailing around the islands.
Seasonal eating habits
Because Caribbean islands rely on importing goods, this also means residents are accustomed to eating seasonal foods. Acquiring a seasonal diet is actually more cost-efficient, with the added benefit of fresh food products that are harvested close to the island. Caribbean diets are more balanced and have more health benefits as they are rich in fruits and vegetables, grains, and healthy proteins such as fish.
Social life and local festivities
For Caribbean locals, celebrations are a way of life. From dinner parties to social gatherings, new residents can expect year-round festivities with a variety of food, drinks, and music to be enjoyed by all. There is never a dull moment for islanders, and many take advantage of always finding a party to attend with friends and family.
Final thoughts
It’s clear a Caribbean lifestyle provides many benefits for those looking for second citizenship opportunities. Whether it’s to enjoy better mobility of a second passport or to create a home away from home, investment programs in the Caribbean offer the perfect paradise for applicants all over the world.
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