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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda: The Smart Path to Second Citizenship

21 January 2017

Antigua and Barbuda: The Smart Path to Second Citizenship

These days, the value of having a second passport cannot be overstated. With visa-free travel, tuition costs, and tax and investment opportunities to benefit from, the downsides of obtaining a second citizenship are few and far between. Just because you’ve decided to take the route of citizenship by investment, it doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet in the process. For the wallet-conscious businessman or woman, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) is the smart path to second citizenship.

Economical investment options
The Antigua and Barbuda CIP is one of the most popular and competitive programs in today’s citizenship through investment market, and investing in the twin Caribbean islands is a smart choice for individuals wanting to save hundreds of thousands or more on a second passport.  Unlike the more costly European Citizenship by Investment programs, Antigua and Barbuda investment options can start at the low price of USD $200,000 as a donation to the country’s National Development Fund (NDF). For those looking to profit from his or her investment into the economy, government-approved real estate can be purchased (and maintained for five years) for a minimum of USD $400,000.
Minimal program requirements
Antigua and Barbuda offers more than lower investment prices. Investors and their immediate family can obtain a second passport without additional costs or burdensome requirements found in other residency or citizenship by investment programs. For business-minded and family-oriented individuals, spending valuable time away from either can be a loathsome issue. Applicants to the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program are not required make mandatory visits during the application process or fulfill lengthy physical residency requirements once citizenship is obtained.  The program does, however, require applicants to spend five days in the country over the span of five years. For many applicants, Antigua and Barbuda’s physical residency requirement is the perfect opportunity for a family vacation.
Without a doubt, Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) offers applicants an economical, straight-forward, and speedy path to citizenship with minimal obligations. In as little as three months, investors and their immediate family can enjoy the many benefits of a second passport in the Caribbean.
Added benefits of an Antigua and Barbuda passport
Picturesque beaches, better health, and greater travel freedom are but a few benefits that await holders of an Antigua and Barbuda passport. Citizens of the twin islands can take advantage of a more leisurely Caribbean lifestyle as well as enjoy a multitude of outdoor and social activities that are central to the local Caribbean culture.
Even more, holders of an Antigua and Barbuda passport have access to over 130 visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries, including Canada, the UK and Schengen Region. For those who have no intention of residing outside of their home country, investing in a Caribbean passport is the perfect ticket to greater travel freedom without having to permanently move.
Final thoughts
Still not convinced to invest in Antigua and Barbuda? With so many perks of obtaining second citizenship in the Caribbean, the appeal might seem “too good to be true” or “too easy” without some sort of catch. However, sometimes the easier and more affordable decision can turn out to be the smartest one in the long run. When it comes to the best Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs, Antigua and Barbuda is hard to beat.
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