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Benefits of a Second Passport for Arab Families


Published   07:01 AM 15 March 2017
Updated    07:07 AM 15 March 2017

Benefits of a Second Passport for Arab Families
Now more than ever, Arab families are looking for greater travel freedom through Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) offered around the world. Not only do Citizenship by Investment Programs offer visa-free and visa-on-arrival to more than 100 countries, but greater safety and security amidst instability in the Middle East. Indeed, greater safety and security for Arab families is the number one driving force behind Citizenship by Investment applications.

In a nutshell, obtaining a second citizenship and passport is not unlike having a life insurance policy to protect your loved ones.
With the growing number of immigration restrictions directly affecting Arab families in the United States and across Europe, foreign nationals are turning to the Caribbean for their immigration solutions. By investing in the Caribbean, primary applicants and their eligible dependents can obtain a second citizenship (second passport) to island nations such as Antigua and Barbuda,* the Commonwealth of Dominica, and Saint-Kitts and Nevis, among other desirable locations.
The market for Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs has continued to gain momentum over the last decade, and Arab nationals are fully aware of the benefits a second passport can provide.

Other major benefits of holding a second passport include fast-track application processing to obtain citizenship, with some applications processed in as little as two months. For successful Citizenship by Investment applicants, holding a second passport can even make applying for temporary or permanent residency outside of their current location a simpler process. In addition, Citizenship by Investment Programs allow families to not only immigrate together under one application, but provide an opportunity for family reunification if needed.
However, eligible applicants for Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs are not obligated to live in the country of their choosing, which makes obtaining a second passport more appealing. For Arab families with strong national ties to their home country, acquiring a second citizenship and passport provides the option to move abroad without the added hassle of permanently relocating.
The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program unit denies citizens from Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from acquiring citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda unless the applicant is a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, United States, or Canada.
Additional benefits
As mentioned before, obtaining a second passport grants holders a great deal of travel freedom. In fact, all Caribbean passports provide access to the UK and Schengen region among numerous countries worldwide. Antigua and Barbuda and Saint-Kitts and Nevis, for instance, provide visa-free and visa-on-arrival to over 130 countries.
In addition to greater travel freedom, all Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs recognize dual citizenship, so there is no pressure for applicants and family members to renounce their current citizenship.
Unlike European citizenship programs, Caribbean Citizenship by Investment schemes offer some of the cheapest investment options in the industry. For a low USD $100,000, Arab families can obtain a second passport from Commonwealth of Dominica, whereas USD $200,000 provides a second passport in Antigua and Barbuda. For USD $50,000 more, applicants and their family can obtain a second passport in Saint-Kitts and Nevis.

No matter where you choose, Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs offer the most convenient and affordable options to immigrant investors.
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