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Life in Canada

Exploring Canada’s Top Universities: Which School is Best for Your Child?


Published   05:30 AM 29 May 2017
Updated    05:30 AM 29 May 2017

Exploring Canada’s Top Universities: Which School is Best for Your Child?
In yesterday's blog, QICMS discussed the top universities in America, but what about the country's northern neighbor, Canada?

Just like the United States, there are many applicants to Canadian immigration programs that must also consider family needs, and finding the right university for their college-bound children is a top priority—and what better location than Canada. When it comes to higher education, the country’s provinces are home to some of the best institutions in the world, and for families seeking immigration solutions in Canada, it’s good to know what your options are.

In this blog, QICMS will provide the top ten Canadian universities for 2016 as provided by, along with noteworthy information about the schools themselves.

1. McGill University

McGill University, located in Montréal, Quebec, has taken the number one spot for the second year as Canada’s best university and ranks as the 30th best institution of higher learning in the world. It’s no wonder; among Canada’s universities, McGill has the most Nobel Prize recipients and Rhodes Scholars than any other school in the nation. Of the university’s 40,000 students, a quarter are international students seeking undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

2. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is located in the province of Ontario, which is also home to Canada’s largest city and is ranked among one of the best universities in the world, coming in right behind McGill University in 32nd place. Renowned for its innovation and contributions to science, the University of Toronto has celebrated breakthroughs and discoveries in areas of insulin and stem cell research. In addition, the university annually contributes CAD 15.7 billion to the Canadian economy. Of the University of Toronto’s 60,000 student body, more than 15% are international.

3. University of British Columbia

As of 2016, the University of British Columbia is ranked as the 45th best university worldwide, and among Canada’s top five leading universities. Located in the cities of Vancouver and Kelowna, the two-campus university houses over 60,000 students, with an international population of more than 13,000 students from 155 countries around the world. As a leading institution in research and teaching, the University of British Columbia challenges convention and encourages innovation and discovery among students and faculty alike.

4. University of Alberta

In 2016, the University of Alberta has climbed to the 94th spot as one of the best universities in the world, and ranked as number four throughout Canada. The campus boasts a vibrant and supportive environment for its 37,800 students who attend from over 140 countries. In total, the school contributes CAD 12.3 to the economy annually, and is named as one of Canada's Greenest Employers for the past eight years.

5. Université de Montréal

Like McGill University, the Université de Montréal is located in the province of Quebec and is consistently recognized as Canada’s highest-ranking Francophone (French-speaking) university. The school is listed as the 126th best university in the world and is known as one of the country’s chief research centers. Of the Université de Montréal’s 67,000 students, more than 9,000 are international learners.

6. McMaster University

For the second year in a row, McMaster University tied for 149th place (with Emory University in the United States) as one of the world’s best universities. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University celebrates a student-centered, problem-based, and interdisciplinary approach to learning. The 300 acre campus is also recognized as a leader in the field of medicine and ranks eighth in Canada's Top 50 Research Universities for the 2016 academic year.

7. University of Waterloo

As of 2016, the University of Waterloo was ranked alongside IIT Bangalore as the 152nd best university around the globe. The school shares the province of Ontario with McMaster University and is a member of Canada’s U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, which is famed for its cutting-edge research and innovation. The University of Waterloo has also gained national notoriety for its cornerstone cooperative education programs among its 36,670 student body.

8. University of Calgary

Located in the province of Alberta, the University of Calgary is home to more than 30,000 students, with over 250 academic disciplines and 50 research institutes and centers offered to the school’s undergraduates and graduate student body. As 196th in top international universities, the University of Calgary is recognized for its innovation and ground-breaking inventions, which include the neurochip.

9. Western University (formerly the University of Western Ontario)

Following closely to the University of Calgary, Canada’s Western University, located in London, Ontario, is ranked as the 198th best schools globally and historically known for its contributions to medical research and advances in cancer treatment. Of the campus’ 28,000 students, Western University’s undergraduate and graduate classes are represented by 117 countries from around the world.

10. Queen’s University

Last but certainly not least, Queen’s University is Canada’s tenth best university and ranked 223rd throughout the world. Situated in Kingston, Ontario, the university is a veteran among Canada’s institutions for higher education, and was even founded 26 years before the country itself! The waterfront school holds over 3,500 acres of land throughout the province, with international branches that include the Bader International Study Centre located in the United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

At QICMS, we like to offer our readers and clients relevant information related to immigration news and issues, and that includes the most recent ranking of Canada’s best universities.

Just like finding the right Canadian immigration program for you and your family, finding the right university in Canada for your child can be challenging, especially with so many great institutions to choose from. With a new school year approaching, researching a number of factors such as degrees offered and tuition costs is key to success, and our firm is proud to provide helpful tools to you and your family.

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