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Tired of UK and Schengen visa procedure


Published   03:58 AM 6 August 2018
Updated    02:56 PM 5 July 2022

Tired of UK and Schengen visa procedure
Many business people , senior managers , entrepreneurs , students and families are tired of applying for United Kingdom (UK) or Schengen visas and sick of waiting in long lines at visa application centers or being interrogated like a criminal in front of visa unit , while some may quit and modify their travel itineraries to other countries . But such ordeal may come to an end through buying a residency and / or citizenship (passport) in another country by investing in a property or government fund.
Several business people have been unable to visit their business partners in UK , EU or Schengen states due to the deterrent visa procedure.
A few may describe the visa procedure as completely absurd ! One example to clarify is having a tourist visa to celebrate the New Year on January 5th ! a further example is  joining semester (2) on February 15th while it starts on January 14th!
Few may say that they have no problem receiving their visas so far, but what matters is not being granted a visa, but the process that they have to undergo for tourist purposes.
On the other hand , there is a trend among business people , senior managers , entrepreneurs , families , and high net worth to search for chances across the globe to either set up businesses or expand existing ones .
Top Residency By Investment Programs 2018
Residence programs grant residence through investment in the country of your choice. These programs allow qualified individuals to benefit from what the country of residence offers. Residence programs are available for people who feel more comfortable holding residence status without direct citizenship, or whose country of citizenship does not allow holding a second passport.

Being a permanent resident of a country allows the same benefits as the citizens with respect to living, working, studying, and accessing health care systems, with the exception of voting and occupying positions requiring high security clearance. Residency also allows individuals to travel freely to and from the country of residence without requiring a visa.
Canada started its programs in the 1980s and the U.S. and UK began similar ones in the 1990s.
Country Minimum  investment requirement (USD) Processing time (Months)
Canada - Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) 922,612 48 -60
Cyprus Permanent Residence 346,740 2-3
Greece Golden Visa Program 288,950 2-3
Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP) 671,972 5-6
Portugal Golden Visa Program 250,000 4-8
US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program 500,000 24
UK - Tier 1 Investor Visa 2,789,108 2
UK - Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa 259,762 2
Spain Golden (investor) Visa Program 577,650 2-3
Citizenship by Investment 2018
Citizenship programs offer a fast-track way to obtain a second citizenship by making a significant investment in the country of your choice. These programs are intended for individuals to give them the opportunity to obtain a passport offering visa-free travel to many countries as a global citizen. This also guarantees the right of entry to both countries, and the ability to settle and even retire in a better place, enjoying a quality lifestyle.

Apart from having the same rights as the citizens, having dual citizenship may be exceptionally beneficial when it comes to tax planning. It also offers business people the opportunity to expand their investment activities, or own a property in either country and enjoy the privacy that it may allow. The question is : What are the countries where you can buy citizenship ?
Caribbean Citizenship By Investment programs 2018

Having a commonwealth passport  helps you to travel to UK and EU countries easily! Buying second passport (second citizenship) isn’t more pricey than buying residency. In the Caribbean islands Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and
St. Lucia, citizenship can be bought from between USD100,000 to USD160,000. Once paid for, citizenship is issued within three to six months. Citizenship in these islands offers visa-free travel to more than 100 destinations.
The Caribbean island of St Kitts and Nevis started its program in the 1980s.
Country Minimum  investment requirement (USD) Processing time (Months)
Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment 100,000 3-6
St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment 150,000 3-6
Grenada Citizenship by Investment 150,000 3-6
St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment 100,000 3-6
Dominica Citizenship by Investment 100,000 3-6
Vanuatu  Citizenship by Investment 160,000 3-6
Europe (EU) Citizenship by investment programs 2018
Those fascinated in getting passport from a European Union member state and thus having the right to live and work within the union will pay more money. Malta offers citizenship to those who invest USD 1.2 million, after 12 months. Also , Cyprus issues citizenship within 6 months but for double the amount .
Country Minimum  investment requirement (USD) Processing time (Months)
Malta  citizenship by investment program
(Malta  Individual Investor Program)
1,221,800 12
Cyprus citizenship by investment program 2,443,600 6
Austria citizenship by investment program 9,774,400 24 - 36
Montenegro citizenship by investment program 404,250 6
Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program 115,500 3
Ready to take the next step ?
Picture this:
You are travelling wherever you want , you are living wherever you want, you know your family is safe , your business is protected and your privacy is intact.
As more countries tighten their borders and ways to immigration , having a second passport ( Second citizenship ) or a permanent residency is a unique strategy to safeguard your family and future prosperity and security. Some people are just looking for the cheapest passport (citizenship) to buy, or instant citizenship (passport) countries or are chasing the EU passport by looking into easiest countries to get citizenship in EU .
If you wish to learn more about the countries where you can buy citizenship or residency or to know how we can help you and your family become EU citizens , EU residents , Canadian residents , American residents or Caribbean citizens . Complete the free assessment form and a member of our services team will be in touch to schedule your free consultation.

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