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Malta’s Individual Investor Program will be 'more exclusive'


Published   05:17 AM 6 December 2017
Updated    11:22 AM 23 November 2021

Malta’s Individual Investor Program will be 'more exclusive'
 Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) is one of the two citizenship by Investment programs in the EU. The Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP) offers citizenship in a stable EU Member State tying in a solid investment and a lasting bond with the country. The program allows for the grant of citizenship to qualified foreign individuals and families who make a significant contribution to the economic development of Malta..
The Maltese Individual Investor Program (also referred to as the Malta Citizenship Program) is a good opportunity for investors to contribute to the local Maltese economy whilst at the same time benefiting from a citizenship in Malta.

Successful candidates will be granted citizenship by a certificate of naturalization, which can also be extended to include their families and dependent.
The National Development and Social Fund had received more than €360 million from the citizenship for sale scheme by the end of November 2017 , its board of governors has announced. The NSDF is a government agency established for the purpose of managing and administering seventy per cent of the contributions received from the Individual Investor Program (IIP). By 30 November the fund had recorded total revenues of €360,561,597.
 Currently, the Malta government only requires applicant of the Malta Individual Investor Program  (MIIP) to hold a valid residence permit; maintain a residence; and show proof of charitable activity to the country. Last November the European Parliament has issued a “Resolution on the rule of law in Malta” which demands Malta to take action and ensure that the new citizens have met the full year residence requirement before obtaining naturalization & Malta passport; calls on Malta government to take “resident” in a different approach. Potentially make future application on the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) tougher as the residence requirement changes , despite the European Commission’s already having formally condoned Malta’s interpretation of the residency requirement.
According to the prime minister " Joseph Muscat " , Malta had gained over EUR 162 million in state revenues from MIIP applicants in 2016. In order for the MIIP to continue after that, parliament will need to renew the scheme. Muscat indicated he was confident the program would be extended well before the quota was met, saying his government had “a strong mandate” to do so, presumably in reference to his party’s decisive victory in the general election this summer.
Speaking at Global Residence and Citizenship Conference , Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said his government had a strong mandate to renew the program, and that the second iteration of Malta’s popular Individual Investor Program (MIIP) would be “even more exclusive” than the current version to ensure Malta attracted “the right kind of people”.
Muscat did not specify what he meant by “even more exclusive”, but as Malta’s due diligence is already widely recognized as the strongest, and its residence requirements are the strictest among all citizenship by investment programs, and the only such program to have a cap on number of applications, what else could it mean?
Malta’s due diligence of people applying to buy citizenship has been held up as “a textbook example” of effectiveness and reliability by Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters is one of the companies used by Identity Malta to help it in the screening of prospective clients.
If you want to seize the opportunity, legally arrange your dual citizenship; gain access to 167 countries and US with your visa free Malta passport; contact us today .
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