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Becoming a Citizen of Jordan - Jordan Citizenship by Investment program


Published   08:19 AM 28 February 2018
Updated    08:20 AM 28 February 2018

Becoming a Citizen of Jordan - Jordan Citizenship by Investment program
Foreign investors start applying for Jordan Citizenship by Investment program
On February 26th,2018 , the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) announced that the commission has begun receiving investors applications for citizenship and permanent residency.
Highly skilled staff at the (JIC) were trained to handle the process and receive the applications of investors who wish to obtain a Citizenship (nationality) or a permanent residency (PR) , minister of state for investment affairs and chairman of the investment commission Muhannad Shehadeh said.
He added that the recent decision by the government of Jordan does not include existing investments, unless they are being expanded.

How to apply for Citizenship in Jordan ?

Jordan Citizenship by Investment program

On February 20th , 2018 at a press conference following a Cabinet meeting , the Cabinet endorsed a decision under which investors are offered a number of options, each of which makes them eligible for citizenship.

Investment Options
  1.  Bank deposit: Invest in a zero-interest, five-year US$1.5 million deposit at the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) .or ,
  2.  Treasury bonds: Buying treasury bonds valued US$1.5 million  at an interest rate to be decided by CBJ for a period of 10 years.Or,
  3.  Securities: Buying securities valued at  US$1.5 million from an active investment portfolio . Or,
  4.  Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs) : Invest US$1 million in SMEs for at least five years . Or ,
  5.  Investment project: Make US$2 million investment in any location in the country, or US$1.5 million if the project is registered in any Governorate other than Amman, provided such a project creates at least 20 job opportunities and remains operational for at least three years.

Jordan Golden visa (Residence Permit )program

The Jordan Golden visa program offers permanent residency to overseas investors and their families. To obtain permanent residency in Jordan,any non-Jordanian can buy property worth at least US$280,000 (JD200,000) without selling or disposing it in any manner for a period of 10 years, provided that the Lands and Survey Department confirms the property value.

A safe future for your family

An investor who obtains any of the mentioned two legal statuses will have the right to obtain a similar status for his/her spouse, unmarried, widowed or divorced daughters, sons below 18 years old and for their parents, if they are their sole supporter.
What will Jordan citizenship mean to future generations?

Having access to Jordan citizenship can be a life-saving need if you come from a country faced with the uncertainty of war and political chaos.

Reasons for getting Jordan second citizenship

Citizens of Jordan can take advantage of a range of benefits, including:
  • Acquiring the passport of a safe and stable country can help secure your family’s future and safeguard your business interests.
  • A secure and stable home for you and your family.
  • Access to health facilities.
  • Alternatives for residency and retirement.
  • Greater freedom to do business.
  • Access to excellent infrastructure, including excellent flight connections to all of the world’s major hubs.
  • The certainty of living surrounded by a multicultural, tolerant, and open society functioning under the rule of law and a stable political system.
  • The ability to attend or have your children attend some of the best educational institutions.
  • The option to keep one’s family together .
Final thoughts !

While the Middle East remains a place of much documented tensions, and few countries can be considered completely safe in this troubled era, Jordan is a pocket of relative quiet in a maelstrom of a region.

The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program is the newest citizenship program and is capped at 500 applications every year.

Going the Extra Mile

We understand that applying for second citizenship can be a complex and overwhelming process. This is why we make the application process as simple for our clients as possible.

If you have a question you’d like answered on citizenship by investment programs on any of the countries we deal with please contact us today .

If you are looking for second citizenship  or want to apply as  permanent resident , fill our FREE assessment now!

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