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Why Second Citizenship Is Becoming a Popular Option in 2021


Published   03:07 PM 25 March 2021
Updated    12:26 PM 16 March 2022

Why Second Citizenship Is Becoming a Popular Option in 2021

A second passport is a great benefit to have, and it comes as no shock that selected investors are set to shell out large sums for one these days. It works fine if you desire to see the world, discover international business opportunities, or simply want to settle down in a superb location after retirement. No matter what your reasons to obtain second citizenship may be, the endeavor and cost are worthwhile in view of the benefits and opportunities it can unlock for you.


The great thing about investors is that you have plenty of alternatives when it comes to securing a second passport. Several countries around the world are eager to welcome investors who are keen to invest there. Also, there are opportunities other than the investment you may explore to access citizenship. But before going ahead with the second passport process, you should know the grounds for the reputation of second citizenship. Let us list some for you.

Visa-free travel to special parts of the globe

When you have good money, you will probably want to travel to many parts of the world. Likewise, you may think traveling to countries that offer outstanding business opportunities. But it may get difficult to arrive at some parts of the world due to the complicated visa processes and formalities. Opting for second citizenship gives you a privilege as it makes worldwide travel simple and swift with visa-free entry to many parts of the world.

Some investors have a powerful passport that lets them gain access to numerous countries. But a second passport can be of great help to travel to many more. It becomes all the more significant in the pandemic period when there are restrictions on moving between different parts of the world. You will surely have an upper hand if you own a second passport of a country that offers many visa-free options.

Reside overseas for longer periods than a travel visa

Aside from enabling you to travel visa-free, second citizenship also lets you reside at those destinations for extended periods. Few countries agree to certain nationalities to stay there for a period longer than a legitimate tourist visa provides. You can with no trouble plan long trips or even work distantly while holidaying there for months, which is a norm for professionals in the pandemic.

An EU passport, for example, lets you stay in any EU member country for a period you wish for. Besides, you have the freedom to move to any part of the EU at any time you want to. If you have a U.S. passport, you will get only a 90-day visa on arrival here, which means you cannot stay longer. An EU passport will definitely give you a benefit if you want to spend time in the Schengen Zone.

Consular protection from both countries

When it comes to weight the travel-related benefits of dual citizenship for investors, you can also claim consular protection from both nationalities. It can be of great help if you get into dilemma while traveling abroad. These situations apply to events like a natural disaster, robbery, or accidents when you are abroad. Things can be way much easier when you have double the chance to search for help from the nearest consulate.

Yet, in most cases, you will find help from the consulate of the country whose passport you are using for the trip. Many European countries have mutual partnerships that allow a European citizen to access consular protection with another. Getting a second passport to another country is the smartest move for an investor who can afford one.

You get the same privileges as the locals

The most observable of getting second citizenship is that you have certain residence in the country. There is no need to be anxious about residency requirements or visa formalities to reside there. While you live in the country, you also benefit from the same privileges and social benefits as the locals. It makes a second passport a brilliant choice for those looking to retire abroad and get all the amenities they look forward to.

If you have valid reasons to shift to a new country just because you want a better life for yourself and the generations to come, you must surely consider the best dual citizenship options . It is vital to do extensive research when you want to avail the lifestyle and generational benefits of residing in another country because you will want to land in a place that offers them.

Many countries have various citizenship options

Getting a second passport seems like a daunting decision for the reason that you will possibly have to invest millions in a country to access citizenship rights and benefits by the investment route. However, you will be astonished to know that many countries have multiple options for people interested in getting second citizenship with them. Getting it can be much easier than you visualize.

It is best to consult an expert to seek guidance and explore the option that works for you.

Tax benefits can save you a fortune

As an investor, you could save a huge amount in taxes by availing second citizenship of a country that has much lower tax rates than your country. The potential tax benefits depend on the country you opt, so making a comparison between the tax rates is the best place to begin. You can also lower the tax liability by classifying the expenses related with your application and travel between the countries as business expenses if you are setting up a business there.

Even as a dual nationality can assist you get benefits in taxation; tax affairs are rarely easy sailing. You may even end up paying taxes in both countries, so it is clever to consult a seasoned tax professional before going ahead with the immigration through investment plans. They will have the top recommendations to take full advantage of the benefits with lower taxes and choice of the right country.

New chances for entrepreneurs and professionals

The world is a smaller place these days. Entrepreneurs and professionals feel like to explore growth opportunities at fresh locations. second citizenship can help you extend your outreach, whether for finding new clients and markets or exploring well-paid job opportunities overseas. Since you will not have any boundaries on living and working in the country of your choice, you may grab opportunities when they come. It is much easier to go to a place if you already have citizens’ rights there.

A second passport can make all the difference as many countries let only their own citizens to run business. Even if you may establish an enterprise in a country that does not pose such restrictions, there is always a drawback to an outsider. You may have to face biases and unfairness, which can hamper growth in the long run. Consequently, make sure that you select a country that is friendly towards overseas entrepreneurs. If you plan to work as a professional, there are excellent opportunities of landing the most lucrative options when you tap the local job market.

Choosing your destination wisely is essential

There are many benefits of getting dual citizenship . But the whole thing boils down to the choice of the right country. It depends on your motive, whether you want to look for business opportunities or only want to have a better lifestyle in the new location. In either case, it makes sense to search for a country that does not have a hard and complicated application process. You will not want to waste years waiting for things to come through. Similarly, you may not be set to shell out a fortune on moving to a country that isn’t worthwhile.

Find out about the location, its economic potential, and market opportunities if you have a business in mind. Investors planning to move after retirement must assess factors such as climate, daily life, security, and comfort. If migrating with your family members, check that your spouse and children share the same level of interest about living there for the long term. The cost-of-living matters to both kinds of aspirants. If you are planning for the long haul, think about the benefits you may be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Becoming a dual citizen requires a great deal of effort. You may have to pay out a good amount if you are looking to obtain it with investment in the country. Nevertheless, the effort and investment are worthwhile in most cases. But you have to be extra aware about the choice of your destination. Investors looking for greener pastures are exploring their options for legitimate reasons. You have to consider them and take the first step towards a better life in a new country.

Final thoughts

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